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Monday, December 28, 2009

Road Construction

Boy would I be pissed!

The Lake Champlain bridge went boom this morning - on purpose, no Nigerians were involved (sorry) - because it was deemed 'unsafe' .... but they aren't getting up the replacement for it until ... well two years from now!!!!

So people who live in New York and work in VT, and visy versy, will have to travel 100 miles out of their way to get back to where the roads met on either side of the bridge in order to get to work .... that's 2 hours extra drivetime if the traffic is good!

communities grew up on either side of this bridge .... in fact the hospitals that service these communities is over on the VT side - YIKES! You have to wonder about the other EMS services .... ugggghhhh.

Why the heck would they have taken down the bridge before they had a second bridge up? I mean they could have built it side by side as they have here in MN when taking down a bridge ...

Even if the piers of the bridges were an issue, its hard to believe that they wouldn't last long enough to get a second bridge up.

I have a feeling this has more to do with:
  • Stimulus money, got get that moving here
  • State Loans, which businesses get and pay interest on
  • Union work
  • Pissing contest between the states

Hmmmm, wonder when elections are in those states?

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