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Monday, January 11, 2010

caution: Herrschners

Okay - normally I have no issue with Herrschners - in fact I LOVE them ... hubby says I'm "addicted" to them ....

but for the second time I have had to call them to straighten out some over-charges ...

they have "Free Shipping" codes which come via email or on the front of their mailing catalog - I love free shipping ... only hook is you have to order $35 of merchandise ... love that - I can come up with that no problem, getting to 50 can be an issue ....

BUT --

they have a glitch in their system ....

if they are out of stock on items you order and your total falls below the $35 mark, they don't tell you ahead of time so you can bring the total back up .... AND they will charge you for the shipping because the computer doesn't read that you qualify.

This is the second time I have had to call them to explain that the offer says ORDER $35 in merchandise ... not recieve $35 in mercnandise.

I could totally see it IF they contacted me when it was found that the 7 skeins of Bernat Silk yarn was out of stock (even though I had two - 2 - confirmations of it being In Stock) and given me the chance to bring the total back up ....

had they done this and I then declined, then yes I can see them saying "we will charge shipping" ...

but they didn't .... they just shipped it 'as is' and charged ...

I suppose they figure that not many people will double check their invoice -- and I confess that until a few years ago I wouldn't have either ...

If you use those Free Shipping codes -- make sure you check every invoice to make sure you are getting it ... $10/shipment or more will add up quick

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