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Monday, January 11, 2010

The View: Harry Reid

Now I'm sure you have heard Harry Reid's statement about Barack Obama that came out in some book:
" ... light skinned African-American with no negro dialect unless he wanted to have one ..."
The interesting part is that this is not the first statement that raised eyebrows that came out of Harry Reid's mouth ... some have been even worse ...

Whoopi Goldberg talked on the show how the description of people of color have changed over the yrs ... she said she was born 'negro', became 'black', and then she was 'African-American' - but she didn't change.

She then went on to say that basically what Reid was saying was that this was a black man who wouldn't scare white people .... WHAT????? Normally I would agree but after seeing how she acted when O'Reilly and Beck, and other republicans, were on the show ... I have to wonder if he isn't getting a "pass" because he votes the way she wants him too.

Sherri disagree that they would vote for him more for his skin/language qualities, but that they voted for him on his policies .... that would be fine, if he had actually had said any thing other than "we need change" while on the campaign road - in fact if you go back and listen, he was really really good at not saying much of anything and only saying it in a way that appealed to the masses he was speaking to.

Elizabeth pointed out what Trent Lott had said that got him pooped-canned in 2002 :
"... country would have been better off if Sturm Thormund (then a segregationist) had won the 1984 nomination"

and Harry Reid's response to Lott's statement and resignation as majority leader was:
" ... He had no alternative, Sen. Lott dug himself a hole and didn't dig it all in one saying. If you tell ethnic jokes in the backroom, its much easier to say ethnic things publically. I've always practice how I play."

Her point being and I think rightly so, that what is good for the goose, is sauce for the gander .... six of one, half dozen of the other .... Reid needs to be treated just as he would be were he of the other party ... which would be roasted on a spit over an open fire!

Now they can say that they are two different things -- that Lott was basically saying that the country would have been better segregated (although that isn't what he said - it was Thurmonds 90+ birthday and he was praising the man without thought of his standing ... but that wasn't taken into consideration at all) ... and that Reid was just making observations as to why he'd be a good candidate.


Goldberg kept saying it was 'off the record' and he never thought it would be published ... that shouldn't matter - because he himself (Reid) held Lott to the standard of the 'backroom', this was the 'backroom' for Reid ...
she also said the 'black dialect' comment was the same as saying "you're so articulate" to a black person ...

Now I ask you -- what person, no matter their skin tone/color, wouldn't be offended by that?????

I'm sorry -- but I truly believe this time that were Reid a republican instead of a necessary vote for the Health Bill ... his ass would be out the door!

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