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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fine that MFer!!!

I have been trying my best not to post about the Vikings/NewOrleans game knowing that I am rather biased and that I would in fact be routing mostly for my team ... but I can not believe the officiating in this game!

First let me say - I am a total Favre hater .... I didn't like when he kept retiring and then coming back .... I didn't like how he seemed to be able to change the rules of the games he played to suit him ... and I especially didn't like how the officials always seem to rule in his favor no matter what ...

but that being said....

the officials totally let the Saints consistantly hit Favre late this game .... the ball would be well out of his hands and still they were allowed to drive him down.

The one penalty that I did see for a late hit was actually called for hitting a man out of bounds, but it was blatant that the flag came back by were Favre had been planted into the ground.

Then they didn't penalize when their player purposefully, blatantly, and with intent planted his helmet and shoulder gear into Favre's underbelly - easily setting him up for some broken lwer ribs.

But the shot from behind - well after the ball was gone ... the one that hurt Favre's hamstring, and caused him to have a limp for the rest of the game was just uncalled for -- and unpenalized.

Now of all the shots -- this one should hold a fine! The ONLY REASON for such a move was to end Favre's career!

The coach should have been seen on the sidelines ripping this guy a new one --- they should have pulled him out of the game --- they should have done a lot of stuff ....

this move nearly ranks up there with the head stomping incident of last year.

And really, the ones to really blame are the officials who didn't keep a tight reign on things from the start!

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