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Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's that sucking sound???

Oh - its just MSNBC allowing their hosts to run wild and set the tone for their station .... well okay, not all their hosts -- just OBERMAN (yeah, I'm sure I spelled it wrong, and you know what? I don't care)

Why you ask? Because he said these things on his commentary of the MA election:
" ... the Republicans and Tea Partiers will tell you what happens with Scott Browntonight, if he wins or comes close is a repudiation of Obama policies and surely one of the Obama policies, from the view point of his opponents, is its okay to have this sea change in American history to have an African American as President. " [i.e because Brown got in MA is racist ... never mind that they are the most liberal state of the Union]

[Obermann's guest] " ... maybe not in MA, but maybe in someplaces, their codes, their images, you know their pick-up trucks - you can say there is a racial aspect to it one way or another."
[Obermann cuts in] " ... what were the Scott Brown ads though, every one of the Scott Brown ads had him in a pick up truck"
[guest] " that's why I mentioned pick-up trucks"

So I guess everyone who owns a pick up truck is racist too?

What the heck???

#1) I don't think an Obama policy is that its okay to have an African American President .... I think that is a general given ...

#2) So I guess anyone who has to haul around a bunch of stuff is racist ... no matter what their party, or thoughts, beliefs or race is (although I strongly believe that racism can infect anyone of any race)

Can someone run over to the MSNBC parking lot/ramp and count how many of their people drive pick up trucks??

And apparently if you drink tea or oppose over taxation, you are also racist ....

how long before Obermann tries to claim that if you breath you must be racist?

You know what I think? I think Obermann protests too much..

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