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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Is the DNC in Trouble?

Senator Dodd is retiring ... no word yet as to when that will actually take place ... it might not be until the Nov elections or it could be right away - but I doubt that ... he is in his fifth term at the moment ... and he is 60+yrs old - still young really.

Then there is a senator from ND, Dorgan who just announced that he won't run because the Republican candidate is too strong from him to beat.

Bill Ritter, Governor of CO .... who has been called a "bright star" among democrats has decided not to run for a second term ....

Now there is word that the democratic candidate for the MI governor is dropping out of the race (wow) ....

Wait it gets better .....

The two replacements for Joe Biden & Barack Obama .... will not be running again ....

The Dems could be seeing an election defeat as bad as 1994 according to Doug Schoen, a democratic pollster.

They will likely loose their 60-40 majority in the Senate and the power will change in the House if only a few seats are lost as well ...

According to Pete Snyder (CEO, New Media Strategies Inc) there are three things that indicate the way an election can go:
  • retirements
  • recruitment
  • defections

There is some theory that Dodd is being forced out so that a new Democrat can run in his place (rumored is Dick Blumenthal - Attorney Gen. CT) ... remember the Town Hall meetings that Dodd had over the Health Care bill?

ND is almost guarentteed to go Republican ... as the state is seeing that they are really getting the short end of the stick. The "experts" think it is because they are simply more right-leaning because they are in the Plain states .... but they are totally forgetting that ND is a state FULL of small businesses, you know those ones who are going to be hit hard by all of Obama's/Congress' taxes & programs.

This is what happens when you get a single party system -- it is just too bad that we will still have a year before we can get it all straightened out ... all we need is one of the branches of goverrnment to be Republican in order for things to run more smoothly - that way we don't have any one party running the whole show and screwing over those who don't share the same opinion.

Actually that would be an interesting stat to have right now --

  • Small business owners ... are they more republican or democrat?
  • Upper Income (say $250,000/yr) ... are they more republican or democrat?
  • Union Members ... are they more republican or democrat?
  • Minimum wage earners ... more republican or democrat?
  • Parents .... were they republican or democrat? and what is the voter?

I'm sure some one some where has already worked out the demographics for these groups --- but I still wonder.

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