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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

President Ignores Constitution

President Obama has got something up his sleeve! You have to wonder where this man is coming from and who's pocket he is in ...

We all know he wants this Health Care bill no matter who gets hurt - it is his "legacy" bill ... the thing he will be remembered for in "history" ....

He is so jones'd for it that he is will to break Congressional rules to get it .... yeah you heard right ....

He is pushing for Congress to forget about the NORMAL (and required) committee sessions that pound out a "negotiated" uniform bill between the House & Senate versions .... EVERY bill has to go thru this before it reaches the Presidents desk .... EVERY one

except this one ..... why???

The House is bowing down to this request and is willing to work off the Senate version ...

The Senate version, btw, is the one where everyone has to pay for the choice of abortion whether they want to or not ... and the Senate bill was the more partisan of the two ... and the Senate version was the one that passed just along party lines (60-0) ...

and if that isn't enough to make you wonder about the Constitutionality of this bill ---

a White House Aide (authorized to speak for them) says that Obama is taking a "Hands-On" approach to this bill ....


The President is not allowed to interfer with the Legistlative branch of the Government!!!!!

He can veto yes .... he can push for a certain bill yes .... he can talk to Congress people yes ....

but he can NOT have a direct hand in ANY bill going thru Congress --- not even Bush did this with his wartime appropriations .... he may have strongly suggested - but he never actually got in there and acted like a Senator.

So if Obama is being "Senator Obama" then who should we call "Mr. President"?? Hmmm - anyone seen Biden lately? Or is this the real reason that the head of the Unions has been visiting the White House so much lately???

Hey when we get some super extremist, straight-out-of-Venezuela/Russia/Cuba-like bill, that taxes people out their butts, and busts the nation .....

remember ....

They never said what kind of Change you were voting for!

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