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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Numerology Class

Daily Presidential Approval Rating
47% Approve
52% Disapprove
1500 voters polled
18January 2010

Reasons the experts think he is having issues?
Economy: D+
No growth in next several months, in fact they expect it to get worse again
Foriegn Policy: C
World is more dangerous than it was before the election
Iran more poised to have Nuke, and there is no policy for Iran
Put more troops in Afghanistan
more assertive with Yemen to get after Al-queda
Domestic Policy: D-
Health Care Reform, (a) deadlines being pushed back
Jobs, non-existing after a year in office
Taxes, people are seeing less money in their pockets and more taxes looming
Housing, people are still seeing a loss in equity & those that want a house is finding it hard to buy a house for a reasonable rate

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