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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Obama Time

I saw a list of 5 Things To Watch For during Obama's Intel/Security Meeting today (with the 20 high ranking security officials) & his next speech :
  1. Do Heads Roll?
  2. What will Obama's demeanor be at the meeting? (Politico is labelling "Dr. Obama & Mr. Hyde" since he can't seem to get the same attitude twice during his interviews/conferences)
  3. Will Obama hand info over to Congressional Hearings, or will he plead "Executive Privileged"? (he was a big opponent when the Bush Adm. called for it during his terms)
  4. Will the Panetta (CIA) vs. Blair (Nat. Security) fight re-surface? And will Obama "referee" or will he take sides?
  5. Profiling - Will the WH allow it, and if so, how far? (as a senator he was totally against it)

He will meet with officials from the CIA before getting together with the others -- My guess, Neapolitano (HLS) will keep her job but a lot of underlings' heads will roll instead .... I have a hard time believing that Obama is going to cut one of his friends loose.

The turf war between CIA & FBI is well known ... but everything is supposed to go to National Security - so why is it that every time something goes wrong the CIA gets the blame? My guess is that the finger pointing has gone back to them - it would certainly explain why they (CIA) are being called into the "Principal's office" first. You know the one in the biggest trouble goes in first.

My best guess of the overall --

Nothing will change ....

it will be a bunch of hot air ...

Obama isn't going to cooperate with Congress any more than he thought the Bush Adm. did (hmmm, things look totally different behind the Big Desk, don't they?) ...

I think Obama will either over react and people will buck at the security changes


very little will change, and he will be seen as a "weak President" around the world ...

Now is the time for Obama to shine on this one ... crack down on regulations that have to be carried out for International flights - just like they did for domestic flights - perhaps order a secondary check point ... maybe have them do tarmac loading (hard to walk with a bomb in your underpants) ...

I hope they don't do those stupid "full body scans" that they are talking about -- they are also reporting issues with them .... I'm more concerned with radiation poisoning -- do you remember those x-ray shoe machines? Well you probably don't, I don't , but I've heard of them.

Shoe stores used to have these x-ray machines that you would put your foot into when you bought a pair of shoes so you could see how well they fit -- only thing was they didn't understand the effects of x-rays and people were getting nasty side effects from the machines - esp those who worked everyday with them .... including loss of toes/feet.

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