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Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Okay - total number of rows for today? 0

yeah that's right ... big goose egg.

I did do 24 rows (that's 3 repeats) and tightened up the gaps between the instep & sole needles where I had to leave some extra slack so there would be enough stretch to go over the heel ....

so what put the breaks on today?

short row heels .... wrap & turns ... both scare me because they are not so easy to "fix" if there is a boo-boo ....

so far I haven't had to use a "life line" but I will have to this time .... I will have to do it tomorrow though ... time to put on those "big girl panties" and jump in ....

This should be easy - but its been so long since I've made socks this way ... at least 2 exchanges ...

the last one I used Cat Bordhi's book and the one before I made a form of tube socks (no heels)

I can do this ... I have to do this ... its a great pattern and I want her to have it ....

then maybe I will make a pair for myself (for the kids to steal and wear out before I get them back, if I know them)

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