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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Old Case Files

How many of you remember the 1982 Tylenol case? where tainted Tylenol tablets killed a bunch of people ... probably not that many ...

but it changed the way medications are packaged and the form they are given in ...

Well they have used microscopic bits of epithelials (skin cells) from smudged fingerprints on the original packaging to grow DNA strands long enough to link the ONLY suspect to the crime.

The DNA testing in 1982 was like drawing with a crayon compared to what it is now.

WOW! This is actually really big -- not so much for the case itself, but more for the way, the forensics, being used ....

If you have ever known anyone who was a victim of an unsolved violent crime -- this makes you wonder if there still isn't hope of finding the perp.

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