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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stupid Politician Tricks

In six days Mass. will be electing the replacement for the late Ted Kennedy … so here are their choices:

Candidate_______Jan 12__Jan 5

Martha Coakley___49%___50%

Scott Brown______47%___41%

Brown – who has come right out and said that if elected he will be the 41st vote against any sort of Health Bill …. So they won't want him in

Coakley – the person hand picked by the Kennedy clan to take over for Ted (read: crony) – she however has some pretty strange beliefs … not the least of which is that ….

The Taliban is no longer a threat – yeah – and they thought Sarah Palin was a twit.

In a Debate Monday night she said the following:

Coakley: " … I think we have done what we are going to be able to do in Afghanistan."

Debate Questioner: "you think we should come home?"

C: " I think we should plan an exit strategy, yes"

Q: "and how will we succeed"

C: "I'm not sure there is a way to succeed; if the goal was, and the mission in Afghanistan was, to go in because we believed that the Taliban was giving harbor to terrorists – we supported that, I supported that goal – their gone – they're not there any more …"

Really? Gee – I think there are a few people over there who just lost family members a terrorist bombing that may disagree with you … twit … do you not listen to the news? Or do you just wait for it to be filtered by the DNC?

Not 10 days ago we lost a bunch of CIA people in a terrorist attack.

Yes Yemen says they are having an issue there --- but if you think that the terrorists are gathering in huddled masses there – you are an idiot …

They are going to get a foot-hold any where they can … in any country they can … where they perceive a weak enough government or police force to stop them.

Oh and to make it worse for this woman – when asked by a reporter to clarify what she meant (in otherwords to clear up any mis-speak she may have made) – she blew it completely off.

She also had an ad put up a few days ago, at the end where they put up who paid for the ad, they misspelled Massachusetts. C'MON!!! I mean its okay for someone like me to misspell it, I'm just a blogger – but if you are running for a state you should know how to spell it in print … use spell check like I did for goodness sake. I could forgive her mispronouncing it – it's a tough word … but to misspell it, that's just wrong. I guess they did pull the ad fairly quickly, so someone must have spotted the error.

Paul Kirk, the interim senator, says that if Brown wins – he says he will hold onto the seat until the end of Kennedy's term, but if Coakley wins he will let her in right away.

Now just so people know who they are voting for ….

Coakley recently had a fundraiser, at which the following companies had lobbyists there (I'm sure there may have been others but these are what were listed on the news):

  • Pfizer
  • Merck
  • Novartis
  • Amgen
  • Lilly
  • Sonari Aventis (sorry if I misspelled, I don't know this company, and my TV wasn't the clearest)
  • AstraZeneca

No – no conflict of interest there at all.

They also say that the SCIU (service workers union) has put $685,000 into her campaign by way of ads …


Chavez is pushing for nationalization of the Venezuelan soap operas to push Socialism and not so much Capitalism …

Hmmm, wonder what they would be called and I wonder what SNL will do with this bit of news … if they don't touch it I think it would signal the end of the show … of course there is a LOT to work with this week …

The Mass. Debate mentioned above, the underwear bomber, Palin going to FoxNews (and I'm positive they will skit this one, and not favorably), CNN getting the population wrong (blog to come in just a second)

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