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Thursday, January 28, 2010

:-( Slide Show Pulled

I recieved reports from people that the slideshow which topped my blog was being read by some computer software as a security hazard or virus ... so instead of risking losing readers (all three of you) ... I felt it was best to pull the slide show.

I know how that is - I used to have Norton/Symtec on my computer (now have a couple of other programs which do a better job all around) and it seemed like any page that had a special feature would come up as a virus threat ....

well, it is better to pull it so everyone can enjoy the page.

If you are still interested in the photos though, and don't have an issue with the viewer, you can still find them on my farm blog over on ... pop over there and take a peek ... even if you don't live on a farm some of the blogs are great reading/watching

And who can resist Eric's puppies!!!

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