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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things that make you go "COOL"!!!!!

Its not Monday - but here we go ...

Okay so I was checking out the Rav page - like I always seem to be doing when I don't have knitting needles or a crochet hook or a tatting shuttle in my hand (although its getting close enough to graduation to where I will soon have Scrapbooking stuff taking up every space in the house ... but probably not until after Easter so I can spread it out on the big dining tables and not move it until I've finished) ....

any how - on Rav i belong to a Tea group and one of the members was looking for 50's style items to make, but someone linked to a page which had a link to another page about a Hawiian Island hairstyle (all the rage in the 40's & 50's) and that page had a comment section, and when I went to leave a comment - and give some hints ma gave me way back when - I found a link to this video ....

The Vintage Bow Bun!!!
Now the video is in Japanese - they have a great love for all things 1950-s American there - but if you click on the triangle on the bottom video ribbon (looks like an up arrow) and then turn on the annotations - it will say 'turn off annotations' when its on - then along the top of the video will be the instructions in English ...

Have fun! I know my daughters and I will

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