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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The View: Health Care

As usual Joy Behar attacked Elizabeth on air again -- well okay, attacked the GOP & Elizabeth took the brunt of it ... I want to see Elizabeth's husband on there just to see how he handles Joy, but that's a different post ....

Today they were talking about the MA elections and Joy was all up in arms about how he is going to stop any progress being made (not true -- he just doesn't like the bill they are pushing thru) ....

Elizabeth countered with how the same people who criticized how the government is so bad at things like the war, reaction to Katrina, or getting funding to states & the mandates they make -- that those same people are willing to put the government in charge of Health Care ...

Joy countered with the statement that next time her (Elizabeth) house is on fire or her house gets broken into how she feels about how bad the government handles things ....


Joy - I doubt you will read this blog ... but just in case ....

Fire/Police are generally a, um, State or Municipal (city) institution depending on the situation .... it could even be on a county level. While yes they do get some federal funding --- they are NOT handled on a Federal level ....

FBI .... CIA .... TSA ... HLS ... those are Federal entities --- and we all know how well they run - or rather don't run :-/

... and last time I called 911 for assistance (when the car flipped over up the block from my father's house -- oh, not my car ... just some car that skidded and flipped) it took over 5 minutes for 911 to answer the damned phone - and yes I let it ring until they picked it up ... and then even after that (it had already been called in) ... it took another 15 minutes for help to arrive...

yeah --- lets put them in charge.

You want to see what its going to be like on a daily basis?

Go to your local "General Hospital" .... it will probably be called something else (trying to hide from the stigma associated with the term General Hospital) ... it will be the hospital that shows up most often in your news as the place they took a gun-shot victim or those that have gotten arrested, etc.

Go there on a Saturday night and sit in the ER ... look at how people have to practically take-a-number to get seen ... look to see how long it takes someone with a serious but non-life-threatening emergency to be seen -- not just put into a room but to actually get some help.

Yeah ....

Sorry -- don't want that for my kids or grandkids or great-grandkids as they try to straighten out the mess left by a "pushed thru" bill!

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