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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An Act of Natural Selection

Well this is Natural Selection at its finest ....

A driver of a car smashed thru the gates at Luke Air Force base ... so the MPs on duty took them out - blasted the crap out of the car ... killing one and wounding the other (no word as to which died, passenger or driver, but I would guess driver)

the idiots who thought this was a good idea?

Car theives.

Um, peice of advice to all would-be theives out there ---

unlike the cops -- the military SHOTS FIRST and then asks questions later!!!

The military doesn't send out a psychiatrist to determine whether you are sane and aware of your circumstances before putting a bullet between your eyes ....

And finally --- military men are taught to kill or be killed .... your life ain't shit compared to a soldiers!

I just hope these men don't get dragged thru the mud for what they did --- what they did was their JOB --- after the plane crash on Thursday of last week, their job was to protect the base from all nut-cases who might wish to do them harm.

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