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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Reality Show: The Bachelor

I do not watch this show ... but I figure they have to be hurting for ratings with the episode that everyone is chatting about today --- the "How Dare She Act Like A Slut" episode (what, as opposed to any other time?)

the Reunion show, featured one of the contestants - Rozlyn - going head-to-head with the host, Chris Harrison .... with accusations of her own!

Here's the background .... this gal started an affair with one of the producers, who is/was reportedly married at the time, so that she could 'stay on' longer.

amongst the things thrown out there was the accusation that Harrison had an affair, or at least "went after", the wife of the producer who was fired for having 'inappropriate relations' with this woman. A charge he denied ... kindof.

Well okay - he didn't really deny it ... he just said that he has been married for 16yrs, and his wife knows the business.

What the F- does that mean????

Did you or didn't you? Geez - how hard is it to say 'no I did not go after this woman' unless there is some iffy, wiggle-room there (no pun intended, I assure you)

I think the most telling part -- he joke that 'what happens beneath the equator, stays .... "

yeah - marital infidelity - funny. NOT.

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