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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

He Doesn't Get It

Um, I don't think he thought things thru - the President is sure to be taken to task harder than he was this morning on the news programs who have noticed he cut funding for the "Back to the Moon" program for NASA .... although they are kind of ignoring the overall cut to the program which will put more people out of jobs who don't really have skills which can be applied else where ....

he cut the project because it was going to cost $100 billion to get us back to the moon ...

well the thing he didn't consider ...

it will cost $2.5 billion in CANCELLATION fees .... "contract termination liability"

But the true tragedy is that businesses won't want to do business with the government if they think they are going to put the time & man-power into it just to have it all shut down on them.

Who can run a business like that?

so what does he want to do with the money?

Rocket research .... what?


if we aren't going to the moon whats the point?

how about getting us back to the moon so we can launch other craft from there and save $ in launch costs?

oh well -- he is not thinking things thru again .... no huge surprise.

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