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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Happy Birthday GI Joe

Go Joe!!!

I might be hard to believe but GI Joe is 45 yrs old today .... still looking just as good.

BTW - I saw one of these guys on sale for $300 outside the box, but you need to have all the bits ... in the box I bet you could get twice as much!

Bet my brothers are ready to pound me all over again for breaking off those arms & legs when I was a kid ... sorry guys - it wasn't my fault that they weren't made to go that far! Besides, my Barbies didn't have those cool joints - how was I to know.

Oh the cool stuff my brothers had over the years! Space capsules, swim gear, etc. and then when they came out with the furry heads -- did you know your not supposed to sneak your brother's GI joe's so they can play with your Barbie's in the tub? Hmm, who knew?

Looking back now - I have to wonder if any one has ever tested these old dolls to see what the lead content is on that painted hair? My guess is - its up there!

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