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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Now We're in Trouble

The only thing that has kept the world from being run by dogs is the lack of an opposable thumb - at least in my world :-D

Well guess what?? There is one! Its an old breed which is trying to get AKC recognition, Lundehund .... it has 6 toes if you count the dew-claw ... one toe (where the thumb is) is triple jointed and there is one double jointed toe that has tendons and everything like our fingers!!

As you can see above - and yes I had to do a double take - there are 5 toes on those feet ... and no it is not just a dropped down dew-claw, it still has one of those!

I've only known one other creature that had extra toes and that was hubby's old cat "22 Toes" that he had before we got married and I discovered I am allergic to cats - having never grown up with cats I had no idea until we started dating .... now there's love, to give up your pet to be with someone - no I did not do the same thing with my poodle who didn't like him :-}


There are videos of the breed on Youtube .... it looks like a toy sized dog, although the standards would make them about the size of a miniture Poodle (about as tall as your knee, 12-15 inches).

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