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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Is the DNC in Trouble?

Congressional Job Performance
22%__27% Approve
69%__63% Disapprove
Fox News poll; Feb 2-3 2010; 900 registered voters; MOE +/- 3%

New predictions .... from U of VA (Prof. Larry Sabato) .... of how the Dems will do during the midterm elections ....

  • Dems lose 7 seats in Senate
  • Dems lose 27 seats in House
  • Dems lose 6 governorships

Fox kept saying GOP picked them up .... but I really think we will see more Independant candidates being sick of both main parties -- this is how we got Jesse Ventura for governor.

No one thought he would win - himself least of all - yet come night of the election he was voted in ... people tried to 'throw away' their vote or figured that they had the election wrapped up so they did go to the polls, and found that there were enough people ticked off at "business as usual" that we got him.

Now don't get me wrong -- Jesse started out ok ... he got in on a single platform - give me back my money - and he did that. But then - he didn't have a real plan for the rest of his time ... he had some good ideas - making NW pay back their loan to the state or build the Duluth hub they promised (jobs) ... forcing the State legislature to balance the budget before they went home .... removing the norm of officials to vote in & give themselves raises .... etc. But he had no plan as to how to bring these ideas about.

He did bring in and get signed the limited entitlements bill -- that which limited the amount of time that a person could stay on welfare in the state (there was no limit before, now it is 5 yrs in a lifetime) .... but that is about it really that I can recall off hand.

After that - he turned Democrat and got surly, some of it you couldn't blame him over, but other stuff he would fly off the handle without warning.

oops slipping away again. Focus -- Dems losing seats ...

Now their party is not being helped with yesterday's announcement that Sen. Bayh wasn't going to run again - it didn't sound like he was quitting out-right but he won't be coming back .... he is from a state that is a strong GOP state, so the chances of there being another Dem to take his place is pretty slim.

But he had some pretty harsh words which simply came out to say "look despite what you hear, BOTH parties are playing politics and NEITHER is really interested in bipartisanship" .... that the government is set up not to carry out the needs of the people but it is government for the sake of those in government - it is self-serving.

um .... DUH!!!

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