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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Numerology Class

New poll numbers this morning:

President obama Losing Favor with Independents
29% Approve of job performance
39% have favorable view of President (how much they like the President)
45% say changing country for worse

Marist College; Feb 1-3; 910 reg. voters; MOE +/- 3.2%

first - I have to say that that still leaves 68% who have a favorable or better opinion of the President (they may be bright enough to realize that a lot of what is going on with the stand stills in DC have more to do with Congress than the President -- poll doesn't say) but I guess the point was that he used to have a 49% approval rating among Indepentants, and 'favorablilty' was 59% at one point. Um, that would mean they are combining polls here ... and then there wouldn't be a MOE -- well that doesn't make sense at all.

Rasmussen poll says 78% of "unaffiliated people" (since the term Independent was stolen) are angry at government policies. no actual number given and no MOE ... so take it with a grain of salt. Polls numbers available now ....

How Angry Are You At The Current Policies of the Federal Government?
75% angry
19% not angry
Rasmussen Reports; 1000 likely voters; Feb 5-6; MOE +/- 3%


LOL - Federal Agency for Global Warming is going to be created by the Obama Administration ... they are trying to say that the World Record cold that we have going on ... well ok unusual weather that the world is experiencing now ... is just a hiccup before global warming kicks in full force. OR they could just admit that it is actually a result of the sun's influence on the Earth and that there isn't really anything we can do about the climate and just let people live -- the Earth will correct itself.


Mothers over age of 40 are 77% more likely to give birth to child with Autism (than women under age 25) ... the same study found that a father's age also plays a role - very significant as this used to be thought of as a non-factor.


Toyota recalling 400,000 Hybrid cars ... including the top-notch, high end, Lexus model ... and there are a bunch more recalls going on in other companies that were being kept on the hush-hush to keep their stock up.

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