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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jolly Joker

Alright - weighing in - Press Sec. Gibbs poked fun at Sarah Palin ....

Set Up:

At the Tea Party Convention (that's a joke in itself) Palin poked fun at Obama's use of teleprompters ... cameras caught a shot - at least I've only seen one - of writing on Mrs. Palin's hand ... I don't know if she ever referred to the note during her speech, I don't think it matters.


During the press conference Gibbs read from his palm what the list was .... Milk, Eggs, Bread ... the press had a few laughs and a few moans/groans at the bad joke.

Personally -- hey it was a fun dig ... he was having fun. I don't think it was meant to be disrespectful or partisan. C'mon we all would poke fun at someone who got caught with writing on their hand, especially during a public event! I thought it was funny.

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