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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Numerology Class

Study: Al-Qaeda losing popularity in Muslim world, here's why:

2004-2008: 15% ov 3,010 victims of AQ attacks were actually Westerners ... most of that were from the bombing in Spain just before their elections.

2006-2008 (subsection): only 2% of 661 attacks in that time period actually were Westerners ...

Apparently it is finally dawning on people that AQ is targetting the wrong people knowing that Peace Keeper forces (aka Westerners) feel the need to defend/protect everyone in the world.

Toyota is having more issues - now recalling a bunch of Corollas (US models only) for steering issues. So they are looking at shutting down plants until they can figure out what the issue is exactly. Who will this effect?

Direct Employees: 33,400
Indirect Employees: 163,701
Top Car Companies
Toyota - massive recalls
General Motors - Owned by US Government
so are up coming hearings on safety of Toyota cars a "confict of interest"?

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