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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Got to watch us win two more gold tonight!

But watching the local forecast I see that Vancouver is going to be getting into the 50's this weekend -- YIKES

This is going to make the cross-country/down hill events very interesting - they are in horrid conditions now (did you see how many of the gals wiped out on the downhill today????) I have to think they will only get worse from here.

The commentators were commenting that the ice for the speed skaters is really slow because it is so close to sea-level and they were having such a tough time with the equipment to maintain it, that there didn't think there would be any world records being broken this Olympics.

I'm thinking we will see several events not being able to be completed before the end of games -- what a shame! But in Winter games, if its too warm for some sports, what can you do?

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