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Monday, February 08, 2010

Sticker Shock: Experts Say World Food Program's Afghan Relief Effort Overpriced - United Nations -

Sticker Shock: Experts Say World Food Program's Afghan Relief Effort Overpriced - United Nations -
"The WFP program is expected to come up for approval at a meeting of WFP’s 37–member Executive Board beginning on Feb. 8 in Rome. By far, the biggest share
of the $1.2 billion relief tab is likely to come from the U.S
., which picked up 47 percent of the cost of WFP’s previous Afghan relief program.
Just as arresting as the size of the new WFP program is the way the money is being spent. Less than 40 percent of the total is expected to purchase nearly 816,882 metric tons of food for the program, at a projected cost of $474.7 million."
Not surprising - why should they care how much of our money they spend?

But to spend less than half on the actual food -- that's ridiculous!

I can understand that its going to cost money to get it there ... and cost money to hand it out ... but at least 60% of that money should be going for food not the other way around.

It reminds me of the baby-formula fiasco ... where the UN sent in aid to some country (I want to say Somalia) and in it was powdered baby formula. Theory was it is lighter and cost less to ship ... unfortunately the region in which they were sending it had no or bad water and the people they were sending it to didn't have any baby bottles! Someone didn't think it thru and they couldn't return the formula either - what a waste .... I think some of the formula was out of date too, but I think the big complaints were the water & bottles.

You have to wonder what all they will send .... lets see it is going to Afghanistan, a highly Muslim population ...

They will send SPAM ... the canned meat product .... wait and see .... it lasts a long time, you can eat it out of a can, it is diverse so you can use it in just about any meal you would use meat in, its easy to open - no special tools, it has great nutritional value and plenty of fat for the brain to work on .... yes, I am aware that it is made of pork and its against the Muslim religion to eat pork ... that's why I think the UN will send it.

yeah --- its moves like this that keeps me from giving to UNICEF. When only 10cents of a dollar actually goes for what its supposed to -- its time to open the books on the "charity" ... and yes it is that high, my uncle used to do work for them and was the one who told my family about it - and it was why he left them .... he couldn't stomach the waste of money when people were giving it for helping kids and it was really going for the bureaucracy.

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