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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Super Bowl Commercials

My Favorite commercials ... in no particular order:

Beer Can house

Doritos: Don't touch my mama

NCIS: Head Slap

Career Builders: casual Fridays

Dennys: Free Breakfast

Volkswagen: Slugbug w/ Stevie Wonder

kgb: I Surrender!

Audi: Green Police (for the scary truth)

Doritos: Bark Collar (you have to see the full ad to appreciate how totally funny it is ... especially if you've ever had a kid put one on themselves)

Snickers: Betty White/Abe Vigoda (hey, it made my stoic 20 yr old chuckle)

I did not see the controversial commercial - unless it was the one where the mom was talking how even after all these years she still worries about her son's health ... I think it was from "FamiliesNow" -- but that couldn't possibly be it ... that was such a non-commercial.

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