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Thursday, February 25, 2010


So Fox news had the best coverage before the lunch break on the Health Care Summit .... they just let it broadcast ...

no commentary during .... the Senators/Representatives/President/VP .... Dems & Republicans .... could either exault themselves or hang themselves by their OWN words.

Fox was the only news station that was allowing this to happen -- CNN & MSNBC felt the need to interject with experts & commentary ....

My what a difference an hour makes.

now suddenly the anchor can't shut the f--- up!! So now Fox has the summit in the background, no sound, and lots of interviews & talking over the top.

You big dummies!

I have had to switch over to CSPAN3 in order to get straight coverage .... so there is a bunch that I will be missing when I cover the actual summit .... so don't be upset --- its not my fault.

Stupid Fox!

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