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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things that make you go "HMMM"

So the President is having his Health Care summit today .... yes I'm recording it for chatting about later .... any how about 11am I decided to see if one of the other two major cable news networks had different shots or better audio (I keep hearing background music on Fox that usually signifies station-identification) ....

Instead of hearing the summit on CNN and MSNBC, they had the summit in the background without sound and then they had people talking and analyzing was was being said instead of letting people listen to it themselves.

What is with that?

I mean if you aren't going to let the people hear the points themselves -- then don't cover the stupid thing 'live' .... film it and edit it to what you want the people to know --- at least be up-front with your wanting to control the information that is getting out there.

It was HORRIBLE!!!!

MSNBC & CNN did go back to life coverage just in time for McCain to speak -- I still think he is more Dem than Rep .... just like Leiberman is more Rep than Dem -- but is what he says so much more important than anyone else on that panel?

C'MON!!! Equal time ... heck, were he on the committee, I'd even say to give Franken(stein) a chance to be heard by the public.

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