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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This Day In History

Feb 17th

1801: Thomas Jefferson elected President after tie with Aaron Burr - was decided by Congressional vote.

1904: "Madame Butterfly" premieres (now I'm confused, I thought it took place after world war 2? this is what happens when you get "culture" from hollywood)

1933: "Newsweek" magazine first published

1947: Supreme Court ruled that districts within states need to contain about the same populations [another reason you need to fill out your census when it comes]

1972: Nixon left for China

1985: US Postage stamp price is raised to 22cents for a first-class letter

1996: Chess champion Kasparov won chess match against "Big Blue" the

1987: Bon Jovi #1 song "Living on a Prayer"

2000: Windows 2000 Professional was released

2002: TSA took over airport security

2008: Kosovo declared itself a seperate nation from Serbia & Russia

2009: President Obama signed the Stimulus Bill Recovery Package

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