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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010 Winter Olympics

Rats - we are second for the medal count, and there is like a 3 way tie for first if you go just by gold medals, and we are behind them .... boo hoo.

That said -- I just heard a story about female ski jumpers sueing the IOC in Canadian court based on discrimination. They did win the case but the court admitted that they had no power to compell the Olympics to include them.

i did not realize that there was no female ski jumpers - I always assumed that it was simply a sport i didn't watch ... I don't watch a lot of the ski events so it wouldn't surprise me if I missed it.

So why aren't there any? Well I guess in 2006 one of the members of the IOC said that 'it wasn't appropriate from a medical point of view' === WHAT???? what the heck is that supposed to mean? Some said there weren't enough "good" female jumpers == yeah, right -- and there aren't any good female snowboarder or free-style mogulers either, huh??

Christophe Dubi, an IOC official said at a press conference when asked about this question:
" What an Olympic medal is about is to be the Best of the Best among a large number of participants" um, Fox News says there are 16 countries with female jumpers that add up to at least 160 - that's more females than participate in Luge & Bobsled ... take that!

In the youth Olympic games 2 yrs from now they will let the girls jump - but not women. (insert eye roll here)

Another official said that it simply is not safe for women to ski jump ....

it is however safe for them to speed skate .... luge at 90mph ... bobsled at 100mph ... get thrown around the ice skating rink ... fence ... kick-box ... weight-lift ... skeet shoot ... jump horses ... flip around those parallel bars ... jump from a high dive ... etc. oh and in the up-coming summer Olympics they will be allowed in the boxing ring.

but ski jumping is "too dangerous" ... get real!

Why not just have competitions then like ... tea service ... dish washing ... bed making ... crocheting & needle pointing ... and baby birthing! Don't get me wrong, I understand that these can actually be seen as real sports (well maybe not the baby birthing - but there are a few shows out there that make it seem that way) BUT I'm just saying that the IOC has a very very OUTDATED veiw of women.

and you would expect them to do better ... especially considering the oath they take at the beginning of the games ...

oh - and the committee that decides the events for the ski portion? ALL MEN!!

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