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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Kucinich on Health Care

Well Kucinich (D-OH) has been called up to the White House to speak to the President - why? Because Kucinich stood against the Health Care bill ... he was a staunch OPPONENT.

So what is his position now? Well he is currently having a press conference now speaking about where his stance will be now.

He says he believes that health care is a civil right (if that's the case, it wouldn't cost any one anything, not even taxes)

he says he understands that the health care vote will be very close, and that he has fought for health care under two administrations.

Kucinich says that he has to vote on the bill, not as he would like it to be ... but as it is.

But after discussions with Obama & Pelosi ... he is deciding to vote FOR the bill -- even though he hates the bill as it is written now.

He says people are against it because they fear things that seem as coming from foriegn thoughts because of 9/11 ..... hello - this is an issue that has been chatted/kicked around since the 1920's.

Way to sell out the People to further your political career!

He swore up and down that he would not vote for this bill because it is a BAD bill .... now he is going to vote yes and HOPE they can CHANGE it later.

What an idiot .... what bill has EVER been passed that has been 'made better' after its been passed??????

I hope he gets voted out when his seat comes up. Not because he's voting for this (it was going to pass no matter what, Obama & Pelosi want their 'legacy') but because he sold out his convictions for political gain.

He put his political life before what he knows is right & wrong.

On Mar 3rd ... just two weeks ago, he told Fox News:
" .... anytime I can support the President I'd like to, I just - accept on this bill. I signed a committment with 77 other members of Congress saying that if there was not a robust Public Option in the Health Care Bill that was presented to the House I wouldn't vote for it."
Current Whip Count
(216 needed to Pass)
212 - 219
4 Democrats to change vote from "yes" to "no"
I have to wonder ..... what is being promised to these swing votes?
You know they are getting promised some of those Sweetheart Deals such as NE was .... where everyone else pays for their share of things.

How's that Change going for you now?

Oh did I mention that the major businesses have already had meetings with employees letting them know that if the bill passes as it is now, they will have to cut their work force by over 40% ... gee -- that means the unemployment numbers are going to go up.

Wait and see -- we will be hitting Depression Era unemployment rates ... but they will 'dress up' those numbers.

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