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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Don't Mind What the Naughty Hand is Doing

That can just be a catch-all title for anything involving politics these days huh? But it really does fit this latest move from Pelosi & fellow Democrats. - Pelosi Plan to Pass Health Care Without Traditional Vote Riles Critics:

"Enter the Pelosi tactic, known as a 'self-executing rule.'

Under this tactic, the House could simultaneously approve the Senate version of the bill while voting on the package of changes. This would 'deem' the Senate bill passed, though not directly show members voting in favor of passage."

So here is what will happen ....

The House passes the Senate bill ... BUT the extra package that they want is like toilet paper on the bottom of the shoe - it goes along for the ride to the President's desk, but no one wants to be the one to bend down to take it off or mention that its a problem. But its not really the same bill - its got all these extra crap stuck to it ...

The President is so anxious to leave a 'Legacy" that he will sign it without looking to see what the heck it says ... who is really getting screwed over ... who is getting excluded ....

So - this also means that the Congress can attach whatever the heck they want to this thing .... and no one will be held accountable.

Yeah ....

they can attach an admendment that makes it okay for health care money be used for the removal of tattoees ... or that it can't be used for the piercing of ears .... or that women can't have mammograms until they are 74 yrs old ... but men can get Viagra/Cialis with goverment funds ... etc. [These are FICTIOUS examples, they do NOT appear in the bill]

Yep = us silly people think we have "representatives' in Washington DC .... Haa Haa Haa ... what we have is a bunch of peope who talk a good game and then bend the people over.

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