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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Don't Mind What the Naughty Hand is Doing

That is what it is starting to feel like with what's coming out of Washington ...

First we have Pelosi saying they have to pass the health bill before We (congress included in that) can understand what's in it --- yes, she basically said that no one in congress understands any of it.

Then she also said that the penalties that they want to force of people who don't meet their ideals of health ... "its about diet, not diabetes" ... there is even a move to have all the salt shakers taken off the restraunt tables in NY --- WHAT????? So they will take away the choice to use the salt or not now because it may possibly, for about 3% of the population, that little bit of salt will cause an issue .... yeah ....

What ever happened to 'my body is my own'? That needs to apply to more than just reproduction & abortion.
BUT -- I just heard on Talk Radio (Glenn Beck Show repeat) that now they want to redefine the 'poverty level' .... yeah. Here I bet you thought you knew what 'poverty' was.

For those who haven't ever worked with this before .... right now the Poverty Level is the cost of what it is to live at the bare minimum in a given area ... and yes it is purposefully very, very low - you can expect what it costs to live in a one room, roach infested apartment; eat only the cheapest food that is barely nutritional; and never have to pay a bill in your life.

It is really really low -- so that people who think they need help, can't (like $8,000 income for a family of 3 ... you need to make less than that to be eligible for help) ....

Well now They (Beck said Obama, but I think its the Dems in general) want to redefine it as a comparative bench mark .... comparing it to those who live around you.

On the bright side - this would mean that we might be eligible for help since we make about 1/3- 1/4 the income of others in our neighborhood (some even less than that) ... but for people who live in Chicago's South side, where the median income is only $26,000/yr or so, those that earn so much less than that, they will NOT get any help because those living around them also have low incomes.

This will mean that people who live in Ely, MN (per capita income of $16,800/yr) would NEVER get help because everyone there has a lower-middle income, on the Obama/Democrats income scale now.

This IS going to concentrate the majority of the help on LARGE urban areas ... such as NY city, Miami, Los Angeles ... etc. where there is a wider range of income levels. This will cause small towns to die even more ... this will cause those of lower income to condense even more in the big cities ... which will then tilt the scales again and drop the average income level as those who have higher incomes move away from the poverty infested cities, making it so the influx of people don't qualify again.

But don't worry -- they will simply tell us what is best for us and what we need.

Remember -- they said "Change" but they never said what the change would be.

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