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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: District Wide Lockdown

the threat was shortly before 730am this morning. A young male said he was going to shoot up the school and then shoot himself. This was left on the 3-11 phone system on the district (have not idea what thats for, I'll get back to you).

No specific school was mentioned but they took it all very seriously - so that was why they locked down ALL the schools.

They also said that they have forensic specialists in electronics hunting down whoever posted simular messages on Facebook & My Space around the same time ... one can bet that St. Paul police will also do the same for the email that was sent to Cretin-Durham Hall.
The Mpls. School system has locked down ALL their K-12 schools because of something that was posted on Facebook & My Space. That is 60 schools, 35,000 students, 6,200 staff members.

They have the schools at "Code Orange" ... that means that once in the classrooms the kids are not allowed out (not even bathroom breaks from my understanding) .... they can not mingle in the halls - straight to class ... no one is allowed to come into the buildings except authorized personale ... and they are not allowing parents to pick their kids up -- well okay, they are asking firmly that parents not pull their kids.
One school in neighboring St. Paul, Cretin-Durham high school, is also on Lock-Down. They recieved an email with a simular threat. But it has to be said that Cretin-Durham has quite a few Mpls. based students at their school. Cretin is a private Catholic school, they have a military program (more than just JROTC) ...

Expo Magnet school also went on Lock Down for a time, but only because of its poximity to Cretin-Durham ... NOT because of any specific threat.

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