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Friday, March 12, 2010

Its Friday!!!!

This mean hubby is coming home tonight .... it means that the kids will be happy they get pizza.

And it means I can get out of what ever happens when ever he leaves ... I can't sleep until 3,4, 430 in the morning ... but then I have a heck of a time getting up to get the kids off in the morning.

These last two days I've been taking care of a sick son - high fever, chills, boredom (but I can't put him to work because, hey, he's sick) ... I had parent/teacher conferences yesterday and had to leave the sick one home to babysit the youngest - well the opposite actually. Lucky for me - the youngest is considered old enough to be home on her own for up to 3 hours in our county ... and the sick one is old enough to be left as babysitter for up to 8 hours according to our county ...

this means (at least in my mind) that I didn't break any of the basic minimums of being a responsible parent while my oldest drove me to conferences.

of course that doesn't make me feel any less guilty, because by the time we got back the son had spiked his fever again (if I can keep it down he feels fairly good, just lack of energy -- very much like his mono)

he will go to the dr's tomorrow once the hubby is in town ... my oldest has my copies of the insurance cards since he had all his dr/dentist appts this week - just easier to let him hold them until he's done.

I haven't even caught up to the rest of the group for my mystery sock - I'm almost 2 clues behind ....

Don't know what it is ....

I make all these plans for when he is out of town .... all the things I'm going to get done (especially if its during vacation time) ...

and then NONE of it seems to get done.

What is that?

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