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Monday, March 15, 2010

When Law & Politics smear together

Ok - so our founding Fathers designed things so that the Executive, Legislative, Judical branches were all seperate ... this way no one influences too much on the other.

Well in theory.

In the US Congress (house & senate) they want to use "Reconcilliation" to pass the Health Bill ... a move generally used to balance budgets or to get money to an existing program that needs a boost of money - like the troops.

This move is being pushed by the Democrats.

In my state, MN, our Governor used a simular veto type of power we call Unallotment ... it is also generally used to try to balance budgets -- which is what our Governor tried to do (at least that's what I'm hearing) ...

unfortunately one of the ways he did this was to try to cut programs which offered the same thing or close to it that other programs already offered -- this way there wasn't quite so much redundency.

Well one of the programs was a health care program for under-priviledged families -- but these people are already covered under our MN Comprehensive insurance and several other sources. The question is whether the Governor had the right to force them to switch insurance providers - which was the end cause.

This move is being pushed by the Dems ....

So its OK for Obama to FORCE us to switch insurance plans -- but not our state Governor.


how's that work??

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