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Monday, March 22, 2010

K.B.C. Sock KAL - Social Butterfly Mar 2010

From Ginger Gargoyle's Ravelry photos

Well after having this disappear over the weekend it has finally decided to make an appearance.

The poor gals on the Knitting Brewer's Company group on Ravelry must have thought I was losing my mind -- especially since I had just said that hubby was saying he wished I would add the house to my 'projects' list ....

Granted Saturday I didn't have any time since daughter took me on an 8 hour shopping trip ... prom dress ... father daughter dance dress ... shoes/purse ... groceries ... easter shopping ... graduation stuff .. etc.

So any ways --- back to these great socks!!

Pop on over to the Knitting Brewing Company's group at Ravelry (you have to be a Rav member to access - but don't worry its free) and grab the pattern parts even if you don't take part in the KAL itself -- its a lovely pattern.

It has two lovely butterflies on the front & the flowers on the toes (like above) .... the back of the leg looks like its going to be a lovely eyelet pattern .... the butterflies can be beaded or not - but I'm going for the beaded variety, and putting them on "crochet hook" method - only I'm using some thin wire instead because I simply do not have a crochet hook small enough to fit into my beads, which as it turns out were not the recommended size anyhow.

I should be using E-beads or 8/0 beads ... but I accidentally grabbed seed beads instead (they were on the wrong shelf & I didn't look close enough) so I'm not sure if even a size 16 steelie would work. But it works to thread it on with wire.

So far - I have one row of beads on.... oooooh progress {{roll}} ... of course now I have it back I can work even harder on it.

And then once it is all done -- I will dye it! I'm thinking a pale green or blue ... or maybe even a gradient color from pink to blue or green to blue so it looks like the butterflies are in the sky. But we will have to see.

FIRST I have to finish them.

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