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Monday, March 22, 2010

Tip of the Ice Berg ....

How will the Health Bill effect you? check out this link from the Washington Post:
Health Care Impact Calculator


Hubby heard that now that the Dems have federally pushed thru such a stupid bill, our local Senate wants to allow the School Boards to pass PROPERTY TAX INCREASES WITHOUT A VOTE ... because he says they are elected officials.

Well isnt that like giving the drunks the keys to the liquor cabinet, or putting them in charge of watching the bar while you step out.

Hey - Here's an idea ..... AUDIT THE SCHOOLS and find out where the tax money is going ...

oh yeah, that's right ....

you'all did away with the office of State Auditor who would be checking over these things (like the time they found one school system had tucked away $3Million, and it wasn't in the 'Emergency Fund" .... how did they handle it? They allowed the schools to save money aside for Back-Money)

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