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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Price of health Care

$940 Billion over 10 yrs for Cost of Dems current Health care plan.

Now lets get this straight too ... this is the pretty face they are putting on it. The dems say ... what would it cost if we allow each clinic 20 blood pressure machines & 50 themometers?

oh that's too much ... how about 14 & 25? oh that's still too much ...

and they play with the numbers until they get something that they like but is still believable.

They are also double counting some of those 'saving' measures.

Its like the scene from "Life With Father" where the wife buys a ceramic dog, but her son needs a suit too ... so Mother figures out a way of getting the suit for free (but somehow her logic still costs Father the cost of the suit) ... I will find the exact quotes later for you - I will have to watch the movie, doesn't have the quotes for that scene up ...
the sacrifices I make for my blog.

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