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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This Should WIn An Award

Discovery channel has a new program called simply


It takes the cameras from Time Warp out into the forests/deserts/etc. of the world to watch fauna as it happens.

It is one of the coolest shows I've seen - even better than Time Warp (and I'm sorry, but that is just an awesome show too) ... this Sunday on DSC or Discovery channel (and its High Def station too) will be showing 4 episodes -- so if you can't watch it then, TiVO it, DVR it, tape it -- whatever it takes ....

DONT miss this show.

Record it now and save it for when you have kids or grandkids or neices/nephews come over and you need to get them to settle down for a while.

my only issue --

Oprah is narrating it. There is something about her voice, I'd like to say that its because she's from Chicago and hsn't gotten around -- but I know she is a well travelled person ... maybe its because there is something about her reading that just 'tells' that she's reading a script - although she isn't halty or anything. I don't know what it is. Maybe its just because its "Oprah" ... she seems to be everywhere ... hell, she even picked the new President.

I mean, I've heard documentaries with Patrick Stewart (Capt. Jean Luc Picard, ST:TNG) and I guess I had issues with it so soon to his series days too - there was a time he seemed to be doing all the documentaries he could.

In fact on Saturday morning cartoons it was like everyone had a voice of some member of the Enterprise or another.

(hee hee look I digressed ... surprise!)

Really -- you HAVE GOT to watch this show.

They have stuff on here that has NEVER been seen anywhere else before .... like a pebble toad escaping capture, a cameolean's tongue not just hitting-but grabbing its prey, and how komodo dragons take down an entire water buffalo!!

AWESOME stuff I'm telling you!

Otherwise I suppose in about 2 yrs it will show up on public television, but why wait - really. Or you can spend the money and buy the DVD (which is on sale now, btw)

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