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Monday, April 26, 2010

Follow-Up: Blago court case

a follow up to the previous post about Blago's upcoming trial & his wanting to subpeona Barack Obama ....

the "union official" in question is reportedly Antoin "Tony" Rezko ...

Whom Obama had always claimed he had nothing to do with.

If this is the case - then it could be a bigger issue than Clinton-gate ... this is bigger than just lying about whether you have had an affair or not (although it was really more than that) ... but still it would mean that Obama lied under oath! If its true ... and Ihave to question the truthfulness of the whole situation.

Senate Candidate B is in fact Valerie Jarrett, a top level advisor in the WH.

Blago says that Resko gave large sums of cash to Barack Obama ... which contradicts what Obama has been saying.

this is a case to keep an eye on -- not only for what is coming out of it, but also for what isn't being let out ... what is being implied and who viamently denying it.

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