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Monday, April 26, 2010

Numerology Class

With the bill in AZ (or is it a law now) which will give the police the right/duty to ask people for proof of American citizenship - I thought I would share some stats I found on tv:

2000 -2009: AZ saw an increase of ILlegals rise 42%
460,000 ILlegals are estimated to live in AZ alone

this does not include those who come into AZ and then leave for other states.

I can see both sides:
1) ILlegals cost us a lot of money, not just in health care/schools/food programs/jobs/tax revenue (most work off the books, sorry to pop that bubble)/identity theft

2) how do you "varify" citizenship? other than my birth certificate there is nothing I have that says I'm a citizen ... my father was born at home by a midwife who did not file his birth with the state. This means he doesn't have one, but he is an American citizen -- his service records could be used but that is going to take a long while to get. There is at keast 2 generations of citizens who could not prove it.

3) something has to be done at some level to catch those who don't follow proceedure to enter the country

4) there is a right against unreasonable search & ceisure -- even if they were from another country ... otherwise there would be chaos.

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