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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Health Care - get it under control

The food police are back -- this time they are taking more drastic moves towards controlling your salt (there will be another story about the military in a bit) .... but they are ignoring some facts put out by the "Salt Institute" (yes there really IS one).

the FDA wants to begin a 10 yrs plan to reduce the salts in prepared foods.

According to the Salt Institute (Morton Satin, Dir. Salt Institute):
half the population has no issue with salt
20% of population has BP go up when salt is reduced

So let me get this straight -- so 70% of the population does just fine with salt ...

so 70% has to deal with blandness because 30% of the population has a problem???


hey I had a mother who had high blood pressure, heart issues, and had a stroke before she was 60yrs old. Of course she was also on those over-the-counter diet pills they used to sell - the doctors blamed her condition more on THAT then her salt/cholesterol/weight.

Of course once she had her stroke then she had to start watching the other stuff because she became more susceptible to it all.

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