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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Military Parade

to kiss the Congressional butts! (hate to say it, but probably scared after what they saw happen to NASA)

Okay so now the military has joined in on the 'too fat' bandwagon.

27% of the kids 17-24 yrs old (ok not exactly kids) are too fat ...

EXCUSE ME???? If I remember correctly, the military puts a person in shape -- unless the military itself is getting lax-daisy on their calisthenics. I can't imagine that though -- first because I think most marines/army folk could kick a football players butt ... but also, and most importantly, they could kick my butt.

Of course you have to understand a couple of things ....

  • (1) DI*s are not supposed to swear or scream at recruits any more
    (2) recruits can take a 'red card*' if they feel stressed
    (3) recruits can get discharged rather easily these days (they have worked out all the ins & outs)

But I don't see how school lunches are effecting this ... after all, most kids only get 30mins for lunch total, so maybe 15-20 for actual eating.

I have some interesting photos to share - but they are taken from the television so bear with me please - they aren't the best quality. Click for larger images
Green = Less Than 39%
Orange = 40 - 49%
Red = More Than 50%
The first is of the reported "Obesity" rate in the timeline of 1996-98
    From Ginger Gargoyle's Gems

    The second is a map showing the difference in 2006-08:

    From Ginger Gargoyle's Gems

    While yes this makes it look horrible, what they don't tell you is that there was a movement in 2005 to make doctors MANDATORY recorders/reporters of these numbers. These means that of course the numbers jumped, suddenly they had data from a lot more people.

    ALSO - because more clinics/hospitals/schools are on computerized systems there is some question as to whether people have been double, maybe even triple, counted. And lets face it, the government isn't above that to get what it wants.

    AND - they changed the boundaries between normal/over-weight/obese. It also does not show UNDERweight people - and there are quite a few.

    but considering that kids tend to only eat ONE MEAL a day at school -- I don't understand WHY the school lunches are getting the blame for it. If the majority of children ONLY ate at school, I might be able to see their point -- but this is ridiculous.

    Just wait -- the next thing you know ... they are going to outlaw fast food restaurants ... the regular restaurants ...


    DI = Drill Instructors ... that's the really scary looking person who couldn't seem to speak with out giving you a free shower - or in some cases a bath since they slobbered more than they spit.

    Red Card = recruits in the Air Force are given cards that they can raise to let their DI know when they are feeling like its getting to be too much. (

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