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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Must See TV

For those who have cable/satellite you have to watch How The Earth Was Made episode "Iceland" on the History Channel (regular history, not the International one) ... you will have to check to see if/when its repeated in your area.

It really epidomizes the cliche "Fire & Ice" ... I had no idea that the country was so volcanic -- its almost like one giant volcano with lots of little 'vents' that make up other volcanoes. In fact it is the biggest volcanic island in the world and they made it sound like its not really an island at all but a part of the sea floor (mid-Atlantic ridge) which has built itself up above the ocean surface!

They are thinking also that the Little Ice Age may have been greatly contributed to by the erupting of one of Iceland's volcanoes - although they didn't mention the current erupting one as being the source, it was a different one.

It is such a cool episode, stuffed full of information that you really have GOT to watch!

For the trivia for the next game of "Pursuit" if nothing else ... or catagories ... or some other trivia based game (how about scrabble?)

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