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Friday, April 23, 2010

The View: VP Joe Biden

So yesterday "Hidin' Biden" was on the The View ... and really when you look at the questions that were asked him -- they were such softballs!

And his response?

Bush did it.

Question about voter confidence and the rise of the Tea Party movement? People lost confidence in the last 10 yrs (Bush plus two of Obama-almost)

Question about deficent? We 'inherited" it ($1.3T...don't know about that)

Question about Taxes & spending? He avoided it and found a way to blame the Bush administration.

You guys have been in charge of the country for 2 years now -- because you know he actually started with his policies before he was sworn in ... even if he did put out the statement that the US only has one President at a time. Any how -- its time to own your mistakes.

Interesting bit of trivia -- Biden was a terrible stutter as a kid ... he said reading poetry out loud and taking public speech classes really helped him out.

He proposed to his wife 5 times before she consented.

He was a senator already when he married her.... she was only 25yrs old - wow! But she was his second wife, she had to step into the role of step-mother ... I think I might make him ask a couple of times too - and being a sitting senator, yeah at least 5 times!

All in all - it was a good visit ... and I guess it really wasn't the place to grill him ... but you could tell that Elizabeth must have been told to hold back. Barbara was keeping a close eye on her and a tight reins on the conversation too.

So who got to ask the most questions? Barbara, no .... Whoopi, no ... Elizabeth, no .... JOY!!! Miss "I Hate All Things Bush" herself! Oooooo -- she has her own talk show -- let her take the lead there ... god I thought she was going to lean down at any second the way she was sucking up to the guy.

other than that and the total glossing over of Whoopi's question about the over-taxing of the general public -- of course that might be because Elizabeth chimed in with a question as well -- way to step on Whoop! It may have been just bad timing ... but DANG GIRL!! I wanted to hear how he was going to blame the Bush's for that one.

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