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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Numerology Class

Joe Scarborough on "The View" said today that the real unemployment rate stands at:


I think his number is a tad old ... I think its probably higher than this because there are even more people who are off the books now that congress didn't pass that extension to unemployment benefits.

Just remember though -- the economy is doing so much better that Congress has had to pass at least 3 extensions to unemployment benefits ... because so many jobs are being created that people don't know where to start, apparently.

I should also mention that according to Joe, Obama's approval numbers have remained relatively the same ... stick your head in the sand much? They are NOT ... in fact they will be getting worse as the real impact of the health bill that he pushed for comes to fruition -- once the unions realize that the Democrats used them to get the power and now they ain't sharing.

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