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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One Shawl To Rule Them All - UPDATE

Knit Along Up Date Time!!!

Ok - I am in a knitalong on ... we are working on two main shawls right now, one crocheted, one knitted -- I started with the knitted so my daughter would have a wrap for prom night.

The pattern is called Haruni (grandmother in elvish) and is a Ravalry exclusive -- I think ... I'm pretty sure.

Chart A, Rows 1 - 39 plus beginning tab

I am using size 8 needles and a sparkly eyelash type of yarn, so the pattern is not showing up well here, but it is making a lovely pinecony-type pattern which shows up well in person.

I have reached the point of placing my first "life line" to not only keep horrid runs from happening if I drop a stitch (knock on wood) ... but to also mark my repeats. The blue marker shows where the first working of row 17/18 is ... the repeats of chart A are row 17-40 complete.

once the shawl is as wide as I think it should be then I will move onto Chart B which is super lacy.

I'm not sure how this yarn (100% nylon) will take to blocking but I will have to give it a try. I'm thinking it might take just a bit of either steam or warm air to set it while its blocked.

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