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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Scouting: Awards

Now if you believe the recent news stories you would think that the Boy Scouts are rewarding kids for playing video games ... but you are only hearing PART of the story. To earn these awards you have to do more than just play video games.

There are also TWO awards available - but they didn't mention that either.
The first is a Belt Loop (the boys wear them on their official uniform belts)

To earn the belt loop the boys need to play a new video game
but they also need to learn why there are ratings on video games and why they are important
They also have to create a schedule - which includes time for school work & chores, sport events/etc., and then video gaming.

Then there is the Academic Pin - which requires more work to earn - and in general (at least for my oldest scout) were worn on the uniform hat.

Not only do they have to play WITH A FRIEND for one hour, but they also have to ....

figure how to pay for a video game they would like and their parents approve of with in their age group

They have to Compare two gaming systems - the price, the features, the games available, and why one system would be better than another for the way they play games.

They need to teach an adult to play a game and set up a family game tournament of some sort.

They need to come up with 5 tips for helping others play particular game

and the game MUST help/deal with the schoolwork - so it should incl./use Math, spelling, reading, etc.
So you see - it is so much more than JUST playing a video game ....

but then that doesn't make good headlines -- does it!

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